Guess who I am…

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Guess.. Who I am???

Who I am?
By my birth, I’m a HINDU
By my name, I’m a CHRISTIAN
If you look at me,
I may look like a MUSLIM
And when you talk to me
You may think I’m a SIKH
Guess who I am?

A HUMAN BEING just like you.

We Become Estranged…

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Yes, I do miss you
Yes, I wanted to share with you
Share what makes me happy
Share what makes me blue
Cause, my love was honest and true

Yes, I do remember you
Yes, I wanted to be with you
Wanted to spend time with you
Wanted to talk my heart out
Cause, you were my friend no doubt

But circumstance and distance changed
They close the doors and we become estranged
I said, I didn’t want you to stay
I know that my actions were wrong
But trust me, I just want you to be strong

You know why I am saying all this
You know why I don’t want you to stay
I fear to hurt you in a way
I fear that I’m not at all what you need
But trust me, this makes my heart breaks and bleed

You know I can’t hide my thought
So, I write and think about you a lot
I still have this burning question
Why I stare at the heaven
Why I wished for angelic perfection


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Why You and I didn’t work
Why come such a distance
So many memories are surrounding me
Like it was just happened yesterday
How will I ever forget them
What will I tell my heart to do

There are so many things I need to say
Words are waiting on my lips
But why are you being so silent
Come and hear what I have to say

We both have so many questions
Still, why we became so silent
Who will tell us what to do
Who is the culprit, who

What are the compulsions of our heart
Why our Path lost their marks
Why are you so far from me
Why come such a distance