Q for questions…

For #AtoZ Challenge:


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Why Sometime questions are quite

And the answers are loud?

And why sometime questions are loud

And the answers are quite?

It’s complicated, right?

It’s just one of those questions

That no one knows the answer!

L for Leaving…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

Leaving for a new beginning…

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Leaving your own space may feel difficult
Stepping out of your comfort zone are not so easy
Adjusting to the new surroundings may be fearful
But the bitter truth is…
Every woman of the world doing this
She is taking all these steps
She is coming out of her shells
To create a new world, to make a new beginning.

bride emotional
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B for Betrayal…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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Truth and trust we all have
Betrayal to run through our blood
We had to earn our way
To get the trust in a way
But the real truth is
Betrayal have more power than trust
And the saddest part is
It always comes from those
Whom we loved the most
Who knows all our secrets
Whom we think our friends
Whom we thought will keep all our promises
But we must know
When to turn around
And put this to and END.

Mind over Matter…

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Three day quote challenge:
Day 3

age m
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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.
– Mark Twain


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