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When will I be whole again?
Life is full of thunderous rain
The Heart is bleeding and in pain
When will I be me again?
Can we fix a meeting date?
All I’m doing is just wait
Shall meet before memories fade
Will you come before my life shades?
I wonder how it will be?
Let’s go to that old sea
Make yourself free
Will you be waiting for me?
Will I cry for the lost?
Or I rejoice, fingers crossed
We meet like strangers or close dost
Will I be lost for my words?
Do I have to tell you?
Or you already knew
All about the days and nights flew
Will the sky again be blue?
Can we sit quietly for some time?
Let the heart make it’s rhyme
Breaking this dream is a crime
Make a promise and say I’m.

K for Keep moving forward…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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Moving forward is what I want you all to do
Moving forward is what all I’m also doing
Letting go of the past, pain and rejection
Rising up from guilt, heartbreak and depression
I can’t tell you in which direction you should move
Nor, I promise you a smooth road
Roads can be bumpy
And sometimes your heart can pull you back
That time confidence is not easily attainable
But trust your worth and open your eyes
Use your head and follow your heart
And just keep moving forward.