Mirrors Don’t Lie


Oh mirror! Oh mirror!
Who’s this girl that’s looking at me?
Born out of darkness but grew out of me.
Yet I only see the blurred image mirror spits back at me.

PS: Once we learn to love and appreciate our changing appearance, life opens up in ways we never imagined. Mirrors do not lie, it is just doing what it is made to do. We just have to realize the beauty that is inside us. Gaurav had interesting views after reading my previous poem so we decided to write this out. I hope you guys like it.

My Mirror…



Mirror!! Oh, mirror!!
You are the best friend I could have
When I laughed, you laughed with me
When I cried, you cried with me
I acted and you acted the same with me
But, people says..
All mirrors tell are lies
If my mirror too is a lie
I love to keep this lie for life



My first quote was on True love and in second,  I love to put a light on soul mates… Stay tune for the third one.

Second Quote:

On Soul mates…

Google Image
Google Image

“Do soul mates exist?”

“Well, mirrors exist, don’t they?”


Yet, all mirrors can be broken.

And a soul mate that once was, 

can exist to reflect all 

your broken pieces.”

– Timothy Joshua

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