It still okay…

Oh, I love to do Challenges… And I think it’s a way to keep your brain working 😉 This time I’m nominated by my awesome writer friend Prakesh aka PH!! Thank you dear for thinking about me.

Are you in for #ItsStillOkay Challenge?

The task is to write a
Paragraph/phrase/one-liner/poem/story/haiku/photograph/anything-else which ends with the #ItsStillOkay and marks a perfect end to it!

Here is my take with a short poetry:


She still smiles, she still laughs

Her words, spoken never last

She still acts like she didn’t care

Cause, her written words make you scared

Her road of life is long and rough

But she always acts like it’s still okay

Here are the rules:

  1. Copy the logo and description
  2. Write your perspective for #ItsStillOkay
  3. Spread the challenge by keeping open nomination or by nominating at-least five fellow bloggers.


 Here are my Nominations:

Erika, my all time favourite.

Ameena, my beautiful Sis.

Kally, my new friend.

Nimz, Cause I like her name 😉

Diana, my cute friend.