Broken- AGAIN…

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Why are you ignoring me?
This is so painful
Then why you came back
When this is all you have to do

I know, I don't deserve love
Love is not meant for me
But do I deserve this pain?
It's like cutting the same wound- AGAIN

It hurts when you ignore- AGAIN
It breaks when you turn away- AGAIN
You were mine
But I know, not anymore

You said you never wanted to hurt me
But you are doing it- AGAIN
I can't keep living like this
Do I really deserve all this?- AGAIN

I for Ignore…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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You ignored me every time
Ignored the hurt which you gave me
Ignored the pain I go through with
You ignored everything I said
And you know what..
I too want to ignore you
Ignore like you have ever existed
But that is just hopeless
Cause, closing the eyes
Can’t block the light entirely