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When will I be whole again?
Life is full of thunderous rain
The Heart is bleeding and in pain
When will I be me again?
Can we fix a meeting date?
All I’m doing is just wait
Shall meet before memories fade
Will you come before my life shades?
I wonder how it will be?
Let’s go to that old sea
Make yourself free
Will you be waiting for me?
Will I cry for the lost?
Or I rejoice, fingers crossed
We meet like strangers or close dost
Will I be lost for my words?
Do I have to tell you?
Or you already knew
All about the days and nights flew
Will the sky again be blue?
Can we sit quietly for some time?
Let the heart make it’s rhyme
Breaking this dream is a crime
Make a promise and say I’m.

N for Nostalgic golden days…

For AtoZ Challenge:

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Tidy uniforms to canteen snacks
Teasing friends to teachers cares
Strict rules to gossip groups
Missing those all fun and punishments cells
My heart cries and my heart moans
When I realize those golden days are gone



A little boy was walking on an empty road;
Wind, just enough to romance with his hair;
The skies aflame with the setting sun;
Indulged in the multitude of his thoughts and
a hint of smile decorating his face.
Content with moving his feet slowly and slowly.
Oh, but we always want more don’t we?
There’s always that voice.
This time, a voice was coming from miles up ahead,
that’s what he thought.
He ran, ran and ran thinking that
he finally found someone to share his tears that never really saw the light.
Finally when he thought he is there, it just faded.
He still kept running and running but,
there’s always a rock to wake us up.
The earth tripped him over.
Tears ran down his skin for the first time.
He took a glance around himself
and when he found himself achingly alone in that empty road,
he wiped the mud off his clothes,
and rose.
He looked up at the sky
and saw the clouds smile at him.
He smiled back and continued his journey.

PS: I am not saying that we should march on this journey of life alone but we should not just leave our path and run towards anything that seems appealing. Verify before trusting anyone because a trust once broken hurts more than anything.

Friends for life…

“The beginning of love is the will to let those we love be perfectly themselves, the resolution not to twist them to fit our own image. If in loving them we do not love what they are, but only their potential likeness to ourselves, then we do not love them: we only love the reflection of ourselves we find in them”
Thomas Merton


“Well, it seems to me that the best relationships – the ones that last – are frequently the ones that are rooted in friendship. You know, one day you look at the person and
you see something more than you did the night before. Like a switch has been flicked somewhere. And the person who was just a friend is… suddenly the only person you can ever imagine yourself with.”
Gillian Anderson

Today and Yesterday…

Waqt kitni jaldi badal gaya
Din wahin hai
Bas hum tum badal gaye..

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Time is changing so fast
But I’m living in my past
I believe you still remember me
And still hold that key
But I just hope and pray
One day things will be okay
I know the time is changing
And memories are fading
So have to leave the things behind
And have to have some peace of mind
I had my good day and bad
But I’ll never forget the time we had
My yesterdays last tear
Hold me to a strange fear
That If time keeps on changing
You and me too will change



We talked about true love, we heard about soul mates too… However, you know which one is closest and intense then any relations in the world…

Its Friends

Third Quote:

On True Soul Friends…

friends love

“Finding a true love or a soul mate was one of the most splendid things that could happen to anyone in the world, but, I say finding a friend who understands you more than anyone was equally splendid.”

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My day 2 Nominees are:

Mohit from Thoughts Flash Drive

Tahir from Life with Tranquility

Lyn from Lynz real cooking

Keep Shinning and Keep smiling!!

It’s Raining Love….


The Birdie is once again happy to announce you all about three more awards. These awards are given to her by her two beautiful friends.

Birdies sweetest and bestest friend Erika from ErikaKind nominated her for a very new and special award Called ‘WAKAWAFU’.

Erika, who is a brilliant writer and I know many of you already know her through her motivational book “I’m Free” however, if not then what are you waiting for…


Now an explanation what this award is about:

This is quoted directly from the award creator, Wakawafu…

“The idea behind this award is to motivate other fellow bloggers and to act as a token of appreciation – just as we ourselves felt motivated and really felt good about what we do. It is a small gesture that we hope goes a long way. One other thing we will be doing, however, when the award is awarded, we will be posting a link to the nominated blogs on our own website, so that people can actually find these blogs. I feel that there are so many awesome people to chat with who are blogging too, and it can be hard to find people easily, so I hope through these people who want to find new bloggers can do so more easily – just comment on the Wakuwafu award page when you receive it and we will put up a link to your blog. The rules of the blog won’t be too long, but they will let you get to know one another more!”

Isn’t it amazing? Everybody needs to be recognized for their work on this blog sphere. Every post is a piece of the person behind. We all give here freely and openly. I am very grateful to be touched by others in their own unique and personal way.

Rules for the award:

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 My questions for you:

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My sweet nominees are:

This time for the new friends circle…


Miss book thief



Krista Kemp


Birdies second award is a ‘Lovely Blog Award’. She feels so happy and loved to receive this award from her new, lovely and talented, versatile writer friend Beparvah from In search of myself. Just check out this blog and I’m sure you all will love it too.


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My lovely bloggers are:

Dilkash Shayari






Once again, birdies sweet friend  Erika from Erikakind nominated her for the lovely ‘The Liebester Award’. Liebester means love and appreciation and getting this love from Erika is the sweetest gift a birdie can get. Thank you so much dear for all these loves and appreciation.


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My Questions for you:

  1. What was the last concert you’ve been to?
  2. Your favorite song?
  3. What annoys you the most?
  4. Your favorite food?
  5. What freaks you out?
  6. Fashion or sport?
  7. What can you hardly say no to (or whom)?
  8. Sweet or sour or both?
  9. Red, white or bubbly?
  10. Would you rather be the superhero or the sidekick?
  11. What kind of superpower would you like to have

My loving nominees are:

Chauhan Shayari

Mithai Mumblezz

Why am I here

Traveling Rockhopper



Please forgive your birdie this time for not going by the rules and due to her laziness she copy pasted the questions from Erika to… And, I hope she will forgive this birdie   ;P

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A big congratulations to all my nominees.

Keep Shinning!!