W for Wonderful World…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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She always dreamed about a world
A beautiful, wonderful world
Where there are no ego’s,
No more selfishness
And no hurt surrounds
Where there is only love and respect around
Where she is free to do what she wants to do
Where there are no restrictions found
Where she wants to be with beautiful sounds
And where there are no fights
And no one pushes her on the ground
But that was her dream world
And the reality is no so sound

J for Just being friends…

For #AtoZ Challenge:


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Sometimes, two strangers met and become friends
Friendship grows and they become best friends
Spending more and more time together
Sharing every moment with each other
And slowly those two best friends
Become the most loving lovers
They enjoy the beauty of love
But, slowly things are starting to change
Irritations, anger and fight for space
Taking the place of love and care
Their fights are becoming more often
And silence is what they want
Slowly they started avoiding each other
But they still feel something inside
Cause, they know each other well
So, they ended up just being friends.