Today and Yesterday…

Waqt kitni jaldi badal gaya
Din wahin hai
Bas hum tum badal gaye..

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Time is changing so fast
But I’m living in my past
I believe you still remember me
And still hold that key
But I just hope and pray
One day things will be okay
I know the time is changing
And memories are fading
So have to leave the things behind
And have to have some peace of mind
I had my good day and bad
But I’ll never forget the time we had
My yesterdays last tear
Hold me to a strange fear
That If time keeps on changing
You and me too will change



We talked about true love, we heard about soul mates too… However, you know which one is closest and intense then any relations in the world…

Its Friends

Third Quote:

On True Soul Friends…

friends love

“Finding a true love or a soul mate was one of the most splendid things that could happen to anyone in the world, but, I say finding a friend who understands you more than anyone was equally splendid.”

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My day 2 Nominees are:

Mohit from Thoughts Flash Drive

Tahir from Life with Tranquility

Lyn from Lynz real cooking

Keep Shinning and Keep smiling!!

Friendship never dies…

Friends, a very common word
But, a strange relation
A strange relation which we make with strangers
A strange relation which enhances the taste of any relation
Some say it’s the beginning of a relationship
Some say it still hold you after your break up
Friendship is not just a band
But it’s a bond which holds you together
Hold you in your thick and thin
So I’m sending this friendship band
To all of you here
And hope our bond will stay strong and sweet

I know, I’m very late to wish you all a Happy Friendship day… However, someone very close to me told me once that there is no special day to wish a friend a friendship day… Every day is a friend’s day 🙂 Love you all ❤  :*

We Become Estranged…

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Yes, I do miss you
Yes, I wanted to share with you
Share what makes me happy
Share what makes me blue
Cause, my love was honest and true

Yes, I do remember you
Yes, I wanted to be with you
Wanted to spend time with you
Wanted to talk my heart out
Cause, you were my friend no doubt

But circumstance and distance changed
They close the doors and we become estranged
I said, I didn’t want you to stay
I know that my actions were wrong
But trust me, I just want you to be strong

You know why I am saying all this
You know why I don’t want you to stay
I fear to hurt you in a way
I fear that I’m not at all what you need
But trust me, this makes my heart breaks and bleed

You know I can’t hide my thought
So, I write and think about you a lot
I still have this burning question
Why I stare at the heaven
Why I wished for angelic perfection