H for Habit…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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I had such a bad habit
A bad habit of you
A habit of thinking about you
They say, old habits are hard to leave
But I say,
An old habit will; too die
When it’s replaced with a new one


C for Compromise…

For #AtoZ Challenge:


Love is about sacrifice
And sacrifice is a selfless act
You love someone deeply
You sacrifice something for them
You give your love, time and energy
But you must not go beyond that
Cause, beyond that Compromise lies
A compromise which changes you
Changes you slowly, bit by bit
Make you change to the extent
In the process of holding someone close
Don’t lose the hold on you

Paras (Philosopher’s stone)…

The philosopher’s stone lives underneath
the rivers of Zion, buried deep.
The price of course is dreadfully deep
but what rewards a man may reap.
Those who partake of the philosopher’s stone
must give a soul, but not their own.
Once it is given, fear not what lies
below the ground or above the skies.
What is the price to drink thereof
Why, my friend tis the one you love.

                                    -By Unknown writer


कहते हैं पारस अगर पत्थर को छु ले
थो पत्थर भी सोना बन जाता है
पर हम ये क्यों नहीं सोचते
पारस थो फिर भी पत्थर ही कहलाती हैं

They say, if paras touch any stone
Then that stone becomes gold
Why don’t we think
That paras still remain the stone…

I’m writing this particular post in Hindi script on request of my lovely friend Sagar from Dilkash Shayari!
Hope you all like it!

Bubbles of Happiness and Sorrows…

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Sometimes I get so fascinated
Fascinated by the bubble
They just make me captivated
Captivated and sparkle
Bubbles of all sizes and shapes
Moves around like the waves
They come up so suddenly
Grow up so softly
And then it burst out strongly
Our circle of happiness and sorrows
Are too, like these bubbles
They can be large or small
Take us to the heights or crawl
Making us emotionally involve
And then it simply gets dissolved
Leaving behind memories gold