Let them fly/try…

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There comes a time when you have to
Let your kids go and let them face the reality
Just like a baby bird will have to
Leave the nest and learn to fly on its own.

You cannot make their decisions for them
And you cannot expect them to return.
However, you can hope that
Their path of life is filled with happiness
Due to the lessons you have taught them
Before letting them march their own journey.

Here comes again a ‘Gummy Post’ 😉 A collaborative post made with the help of my dearest friend Gaurav!

My little Happiness…

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Oh! My little happiness
Why you are always avoiding me
Whenever I reach out to grab you
You just always flew

I thought I held you once
And hold you so tight
But just like the sand
You slipped away from my hand

Sometime I see you here
And see you there
Like a game of hide and seek
You always disappear

You are not mine to possess
So I can’t grab, hold or keep you
No matter how much I try
You always just pass by