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Have you heard about this amazing 20-year-old Boyan Slat from the Netherlands? “While diving in Greece, he became frustrated when coming across more plastic bags than fish, and wondered: “why can’t we clean this up?” ~  The Ocean Clean Up website.

Boyan-1resize600 We hear about the problem of floating garbage islands in the oceans.

  • “Millions of tons of plastic have entered the oceans (UNEP 2005)
  • Plastic concentrates in five rotating currents, called gyres (Maximenko et al., 2012)”

We read about ecological effects of plastic killing ocean life,

  • “At least one million seabirds, and one-hundred thousand marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution (Laist, 1997)
  • The survival of many species, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal and Loggerhead Turtle, could be jeopardized by plastic debris (Derraik, 2002)”

and polluting the food chain.

  • “Toxic chemicals (including PCBs and DDTs) are adsorbed by the plastic, increasing the concentration a million times (Mato et al., 2001)
  • After…

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Happy New Year…

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There’s a long list of things that make us smile,
When you see a friend do something silly,
Or get away with a mischievous prank,
Perhaps, receiving praise for doing something good,
Each time you smile, it feels Wonderful.
This year, Hope you all have many reasons to smile every day.