A Christmas Wish for U…

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May the bells of Christmas ring
a song that never ends.
May the joyous sounds they make
bring peace to all our friends.

May the lights of Christmas bring
an everlasting glow.
May the love that fills our hearts
bring warmth to all we know.

May love and joy and peace be yours
now and evermore.

Merry Christmas to all my lovely blogging Friends!! 🙂



This article is definitely a must read.. A post on ‘love in ten sentences’ (in a different way). From one of my great friend and well-wisher, Edwin!
I hope you all will like it too 🙂

The Crow Reborn

Midsummer Sunset

I was a little dumbfounded when I got challenged to do that explaining-love-in-10-sentences-challenge. Why? Synchronicity. Because only a short while before, a good friend of mine asked me an odd question, “Have you ever been in love? At least once in your life?” And before I could reply, she added, “I mean, I always find it hard to imagine you being in love. You always look, well, reserved. An enigma. Got some surface charms, but everything else is locked in. people like that, I believe, is not capable of being in love.” I was a bit offended by that question, you know. I mean, I may be not like other humans, but I’m still human after all; at least partially. However, she’s a good friend, and I also knew she meant no harm; and I don’t punch a girl (no I’m not sexist, fuck you). So I replied, “I’m…

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Up for Discussion: Tripods

Beautiful Photos from and expert photographer… Enjoy the beauty 🙂


Recently someone sent me a question about tripods and I thought it was time I wrote something about them.

If you are serious about photography then there is one piece of equipment that is almost as important as your camera and lens; your tripod. There are many different types of photography that you might do where it is essential that you have a tripod. Then there are types where you don’t need it all, and some where it would be better if you used it, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. Some photographers value their tripods and will make sure they get something that is good and sturdy. Others think they aren’t so important and just get something cheap and basic. Today we are going to look at when you should buy a tripod and how to decide what is the best one for you.

Tripods in the Field.


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