Life and Death…

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Life and death are two sides of a same coin
Only one side is visible at a time
But the other side is always a flip away
Life is a beautiful lie
And death is a painful truth
When we lose someone dear
We can’t live without
Our heart breaks
And we can’t get over the loss
But, they live forever in that broken heart
Death is a wound, no one can heal
Love becomes a memory, no one can steal
Whom we love don’t go away
They walk beside us everyday
Bless us in every way
And when tomorrow starts without them
Don’t let yourself fall apart
They are right here in our heart

25 thoughts on “Life and Death…

  1. My God, Nimmi, this is so very beautiful! Wow! So many profound lines. One thing is for sure: What we have embedded in our hearts can never be taken away anymore. Not even death can do anything about it!

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    • Hey dear!
      Thank you for thinking about me and my work.. I too desperately wanted to be back… working on some project, so, will be back soon!
      Once again thank you and lots of love to you! ❀️😊

      Liked by 1 person

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