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I’m captive in a golden cage
Beautiful things filling my life’s page
But, a cage is still a cage
Where I’m struggling at this stage
Finding the ways to fly
Again, in that lovely blue sky
Birds are in a cage, never sings
But, in reality they cry
Some way or another
We are all living in a cage
Our own golden cage
Some got tired and compromised
Some are still trying to get recognized
We have to hold on to our dreams
Cause, if dreams die
We will never come out and fly
Freedom is an everlasting hope
So, try and cope
Break out this locked up door
Come out and roar.

7 thoughts on “Captive…

  1. I think we really all are finding ourselves in that golden cage at times. A cage we put ourselves in due to our own beliefs and restrictions. It is to realize it in order to break the lock! Awesome poem!!

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  2. It is all in our mind dear, we put ourselves in cage and we are the only ones who can get ourselves out.
    Keep doing your best everyday because that is the only thing in our control. Great poem πŸ‘.

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