Care- That hurts…!

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I used to be the girl
Who cared about everyone
But now,
The care is the only thing
That causes me the most pain
It just breaks me
When they treat me a disturbance
I know I can’t stop caring
But, learnt a lesson
Don’t care anyone so much
That you become a disturbance in their life.

14 thoughts on “Care- That hurts…!

  1. Unfortunately, it is true. Too much care can feel suffocating. It is so difficult when you see someone struggling and you knew how to solve the problem. But they don’t want to listen. It is their right to make it their way and we have to accept and respect that. But it is so hard to watch. So it hurts two ways: watching and being seen ad a disturbance although meaning well. A big lesson to learn. Huge hugs, dear Nimmi 💖

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  2. I can understand why it must hurt in that situation but let their actions define who they are. If someone does not respond with the care you have given them, it is best to just try to move on because those who wants you in their life and genuinely care about you – will find their way into your life.

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    • You are right my dear brother however, sometimes it’s from those closed ones whom you can’t ignore or leave!
      Btw, good to see you here!
      Take care dear! 😊💖

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