Lost wings…

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The flower which you gave me.

They are now all dried.

I may look happy outside.

But, you killed me from inside.

I feel so tired.

Tired of trying 

Still struggling to survive 

I don’t need your sympathy.

But, I wanted to be me.

My life is a living hell.

And I’m existing, not living.

39 thoughts on “Lost wings…

  1. We live from one love to another
    A long the way we grow
    With a little of that
    Showing us the way
    Never mind the personal……
    It’s the passion of the
    Love that gives us the
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. Nimmi I see there is no like button on your posts. Have you deliberately removed it. Please tell me because last week it so happened to me that the like button on my Blog and other blogs I visited I could not see it there. WP engineers are guiding me on that.

    This ‘lost wings’ poem seems to be a fully heart broken one and spells of no return.

    Lately I have done some posts on these lines and much more, for life to give a boost and for us to think of the future. The world has been there to give us pain and teach us so many things. Killing within is a more dangerous attitude as the inner being is not the one that we think of, it is some thing one should raise the curtain and get to see that within is peace, bliss, silence…

    I am not getting which of the posts I should recommend to you to read right now. A few I shall mention here, but please do not mistake me that i am publicizing my posts here.





    I think you might have through some of my other posts.
    Please keep in touch My Dear.
    Have a nice Sunday.

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    • Oh, is it!! I haven’t removed it. I guess WordPress is having some construction on 😉
      You are right dear, Killing within is most dangerous… And we must think about it and make and find peace inner peace!
      That’s so sweet of you… I love to read all of your work and thank you for giving me the link.
      Thank you for liking my work and giving your point of view! 🙂 ❤

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      • I am so happy dear you having to respond so well.
        I so overwhelmed you would want to read all my works, it’s my pleasure I think I shall give you some links of the ones you can go through. I see you are reading a few of them right now. Choose them from my Poetry menu.
        Take ample time and do not miss to read the commentary also, it helps a great deal.
        Fondest Regards

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