N for Nostalgic golden days…

For AtoZ Challenge:

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Tidy uniforms to canteen snacks
Teasing friends to teachers cares
Strict rules to gossip groups
Missing those all fun and punishments cells
My heart cries and my heart moans
When I realize those golden days are gone

25 thoughts on “N for Nostalgic golden days…

  1. اگر کھو گيا اک نشيمن تو کيا غم
    مقامات آہ و فغاں اور بھی ہيں

    What is the worry if one nest is lost?
    There are other places to sigh and cry for!

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  2. Watching ‘FAN’ right now…
    It’s just amazing and mind blowing…
    I will give it three stars out of five.
    You can also watch it live at your place. Just switch it on and it will start revolving at an amazing speed on the ceiling!!!😃

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    • That’s so true!! I too always try to grow up fast imitating adults however, now if I try also I can’t go back… Those are really the golden years of our life.
      I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you, dear!! 😊💕


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