G for Gift box…

gift box
Google Image

Life is like a gift box
Some are glittering,
Some are not so glittering
But it’s just the outlook
Don’t go for the cover
Don’t try to copy others
And don’t just show off
Open your gift box
And see what you got inside
Things won’t be same like the cover
Life is all about perspective isn’t it
It is how you take it
And how well you make it

15 thoughts on “G for Gift box…

  1. I like your wise post.

    But would any body reading this believe me when I say that even the so called material objects are not a given but a matter of perspective? and I mean it literally and not metaphorically. Not only that life is about perspective but the so called material reality, which physics deals with, is subject to perspective.

    If you doubt it, see:- logicandmysticism.wordpress.com


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