C for Compromise…

For #AtoZ Challenge:


Love is about sacrifice
And sacrifice is a selfless act
You love someone deeply
You sacrifice something for them
You give your love, time and energy
But you must not go beyond that
Cause, beyond that Compromise lies
A compromise which changes you
Changes you slowly, bit by bit
Make you change to the extent
In the process of holding someone close
Don’t lose the hold on you

31 thoughts on “C for Compromise…

  1. Other than the love an individual feels between them and their parents, I do not think selfless love exist. Everyone works for their own selfish benefit. Even if I do see someone loving another person without any expectation, they are doing it because it makes them happy but sooner or later they have realized that they are harming themselves. If for some reason they do not feel that happiness at some point of time, the relationship will most likely fall apart. Then on the other hand if you give your love, time and energy to a certain relationship but the other person has no value for it then you just end up hurting yourself bad. As far as compromise is concerned, majority of the time people expect compromise but are not ready to change anything within themselves. To be honest, it is futile to change for somebody anyways so we should just be who we are and continue to improve ourself everyday because at the end of the day nobody really cares. I am sure there are exceptions to what I have stated but this just has been my experience. Take care dear.

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    • Aw!! I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you so much!
      And this is my second year in this great and awesome challenge so I love to welcome you to join us.
      Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • Indeed! when you continuously sacrifice something to someone who don’t even bother about you then that leads to compromise and at the end you end up hurting yourself the most.


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