B for Betrayal…

For #AtoZ Challenge:

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Truth and trust we all have
Betrayal to run through our blood
We had to earn our way
To get the trust in a way
But the real truth is
Betrayal have more power than trust
And the saddest part is
It always comes from those
Whom we loved the most
Who knows all our secrets
Whom we think our friends
Whom we thought will keep all our promises
But we must know
When to turn around
And put this to and END.

44 thoughts on “B for Betrayal…

  1. Right !

    Betrayal is stronger than trust !
    I deny.

    I have plethora of examples where trust superseded the challenges n situation. Where a person chose to get deprived of all the love n be shamed for life, to keep the trust. Only possible to (wo)man of brave heart.

    That said, what you said is applicable to most of them and it happens mostly because of wrong choices and spike in people’s mood. It is the characteristic of the people and not you, that trust is broken. You must hence choose wisely whom to trust.

    Darkness always seems to be powerful, an easy way out, but it just seems it isn’t.

    Light is always silent, doesn’t mean it is speechless or it doesn’t exist.

    When time comes, in the most unpredictable and unexpected moments you will see light shine and darkness walks away.

    Oh by the way – Light and Darkness are hard core lovers, who chose to stay in touch, but never be together.

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    • I agree with you my dear however, I want to stick to what I said… Betrayal is stronger than trust.
      Yes, a brave heart person can stay away from love and life just to keep the trust, however, at the end he/she is betraying his/her own soul and life in a way. Don’t you think so???
      And yes, light and darkness are the hard core lovers like day and night who can be connected with each other however, can’t be together.
      And I’m not saying that darkness is more powerful than light, here the concept is totally different… Trust and betrayal is like good and bad and all depends on peoples characteristics. Whom to choose where is their own will and situations will too, sometime.

      But, I love the way you gave a different point to it. Thank you so much dear!
      Appreciated!! 🙂

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  2. बेवफाओ की इस दुनियां में संभलकर चलना मेरे दोस्त

    यहाँ बर्बाद करने के लिए, मुहब्बत का भी सहारा लेते हैं लोग

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    • I can understand you very well… Feelings are mutual dear!
      Welcome to the great challenge my dear and I loved your Antique, baseball and the chicken one. Great Info! Looking forward to read more 🙂
      Stay connected!


  3. Quite a sad thing to be betrayed. Yet it keeps happening. I believe trust is stronger than betrayal but your poem still holds a haunting truth.

    You have been minioned by Sheena-kay Graham
    Proud Minion of the Joy Brigade

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  4. We are fools and will remain as fools

    We are not concerned with this world,
    We are fools and will remain as fools,
    Our only job is to incite internal strife,
    For that, we always search new tools.


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