Mirrors Don’t Lie


Oh mirror! Oh mirror!
Who’s this girl that’s looking at me?
Born out of darkness but grew out of me.
Yet I only see the blurred image mirror spits back at me.

PS: Once we learn to love and appreciate our changing appearance, life opens up in ways we never imagined. Mirrors do not lie, it is just doing what it is made to do. We just have to realize the beauty that is inside us. Gaurav had interesting views after reading my previous poem so we decided to write this out. I hope you guys like it.

16 thoughts on “Mirrors Don’t Lie

  1. I saw the darkness , i felt the spit , but did I see the little innocent girl with hundreds of dreams and thousands of fears curled up under the bed .

    Jab tum khud ko hee nahin sahejoge , toh phir duniyaa kya tumko sahejegi

    The love and acceptance that you get from others is only a reflection of the love and acceptance you give yourself

    Gratitude – Seeing my own shadows , is the beginning of discovering my own light

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    • Thank you so much for your attention to details.
      You saw the outer self and I saw the inner self
      A small difference with a huge meaning.
      Shadow and reflections are two different things… But to discover the light you have to go deep into the dark.

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