A little boy was walking on an empty road;
Wind, just enough to romance with his hair;
The skies aflame with the setting sun;
Indulged in the multitude of his thoughts and
a hint of smile decorating his face.
Content with moving his feet slowly and slowly.
Oh, but we always want more don’t we?
There’s always that voice.
This time, a voice was coming from miles up ahead,
that’s what he thought.
He ran, ran and ran thinking that
he finally found someone to share his tears that never really saw the light.
Finally when he thought he is there, it just faded.
He still kept running and running but,
there’s always a rock to wake us up.
The earth tripped him over.
Tears ran down his skin for the first time.
He took a glance around himself
and when he found himself achingly alone in that empty road,
he wiped the mud off his clothes,
and rose.
He looked up at the sky
and saw the clouds smile at him.
He smiled back and continued his journey.

PS: I am not saying that we should march on this journey of life alone but we should not justΒ leave our path and run towards anything that seems appealing. Verify before trusting anyone because a trust once broken hurts more than anything.

36 thoughts on “Illusion

  1. Aww. This is beautiful Nimmi. Slow and steady, they say, wins the race. We don’t have to rush through things, take our time and we’ll get there rightly. This is what your poem conferred to me.😊


  2. Indeed very profound and there is a strong latent meaning in the message and there is so much simplicity in the choice of words but these limited words in your poetry speak volumes and truly take us in the real journey of life. The more we think about the journey of life, the more we realize how much little we know about the mystery and the solitude of life. We meet so many people, some stay along with us for life and there are others who just come and go, some moments make us cry and there are other moments that make us laugh and laugh aloud and with expression of unbridled joy…

    I agree trust and faith are vital to any relationship, and when these break it is very difficult to attach, no glue can do the trick and but at the same time we never know what situations we encounter and how one reacts to the situation, these uncontrollable aspects of life and living…perhaps this is what makes life so fascinating to live.

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend.

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    • I am so happy to see this comment and I completely agree with you. The problem is those people whose own trust has been shattered before and have been through the pain go on to hurt others. Anyways, life has its own way of teaching us. We either learn from the events or grow from it and as you stated we never know what situations we encounter. So, even if we do encounter an unexpected situation it is another lesson to learn that to really look into before giving our trust to someone else. Thanks a lot for sharing your views and take care πŸ™‚

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      • Indeed, life teaches us everything and we get the opportunity to correct us and we make mistake but only when we repeat we rarely get forgiven. The learning curve is so important to our life and living, if we learn faster, the better is living…
        Being good to others and keeping faith on God is very much within our control and if we keep doing good things even when face the challenge we have garnered enough fortitude to wade off…
        There is so much in the topic we can keep discussing and indeed it is such profound part of life and building bridge for good living.
        Always my pleasure and you too have a lovely Sunday and take care.

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