To Trust Someone…

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Trust is a five letter word
So beautiful, so fragile
Like growing a flower in the heart
Hoping it would bloom
Without making our heart bleed
So be careful when planting this flower of trust

To trust someone is like giving a piece of our heart
Something so precious and fragile
Hoping it would be safe there
So don’t make the mistake of breaking someone’s trust

When trust shatters
It does not cause a bruise on the skin
The sharp fragments flow along the blood
Tearing up every bit of us from inside
Making it almost impossible to trust someone again cause
The fragments of shattered glass are impossible to put together

24 thoughts on “To Trust Someone…

    • Thank you, dear! We just want to put a light on this small yet very powerful word TRUST!! Which is the key ingredient of all the relationships of the world.
      Glad you liked it and I loved your ‘Its still okay’ post and thank you for accepting it. That’s why I say, you are a sweetheart! <3:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, trust is one of the main ingredients in every relationship. Without trust no relationshop works. Light on that for sure! I loved particpating 💖


    • Indeed!! Before trusting or loving anyone, we must trust and love ourselves first. Thank you dear for your great words! 🙂
      Take care and love to you!! 🙂


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