Sorry means nothing…



Now Your sorry means nothing
After ripping my heart into pieces
After playing with my life with your lie
Your sorry means nothing to me
If I ever meant anything, you would have tried
You wouldn’t have left me behind
If you are sorry then I’m sorry too
I am sorry that I met you
I’m sorry that I let you enter my life
I’m sorry for feeling loved at the cost of your insecurities
You said you would always love me
You said you’d always be there
But now you are sorry for your fake promises
A simple sorry, and you’re gone
Leaving me to die out in the cold
With hurt that will take a long time to heal
But with a hope that the pain will erase one day

34 thoughts on “Sorry means nothing…

  1. I know it’s hard to believe but things will lessen in time. I can remember times when I prayed the sun would not rise. Thankfully it did. The only thing that can get you through this is …..Time
    I wish there was something else but it’s really only ….. Time.
    (((((Hugs)))))) ❀️

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    • I can understand what you are talking about, dear! And Yes, time is the remedy of everything… And hoping this phase will also pass soon.
      Thank you for your encouraging and touching words!
      Much love and hug to you!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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  2. You touch my heart again with another lovely piece. I wish we were able to live in this world without hurting others When we say we are sorry we should mean it. Is that my sweet, beautiful Nimmi in the picture? Love and hugs to you, Nimmi.

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