Let them fly/try…

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There comes a time when you have to
Let your kids go and let them face the reality
Just like a baby bird will have to
Leave the nest and learn to fly on its own.

You cannot make their decisions for them
And you cannot expect them to return.
However, you can hope that
Their path of life is filled with happiness
Due to the lessons you have taught them
Before letting them march their own journey.

Here comes again a ‘Gummy Post’ πŸ˜‰ A collaborative post made with the help of my dearest friend Gaurav!

29 thoughts on “Let them fly/try…

  1. Nimmi, I know you don’t have kids of your own and this is what amazes and touches me even more reading your poem. Your words are so true and so thoughtful. That is what I always said: We can only do our best and give them what we think they need. We only can hope that it was OK. What they make out of it is up to them and we need to let them fly. My daughter moved out only 1 month ago…. and I am damn proud of her!

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