Today and Yesterday…

Waqt kitni jaldi badal gaya
Din wahin hai
Bas hum tum badal gaye..

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Time is changing so fast
But I’m living in my past
I believe you still remember me
And still hold that key
But I just hope and pray
One day things will be okay
I know the time is changing
And memories are fading
So have to leave the things behind
And have to have some peace of mind
I had my good day and bad
But I’ll never forget the time we had
My yesterdays last tear
Hold me to a strange fear
That If time keeps on changing
You and me too will change

53 thoughts on “Today and Yesterday…

  1. So bittersweet, Nimmi. I look back at times and have only fond memories of past lovers. Good days are ahead, you can be sure of that. It was a beautiful poem. 🙂

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  2. Sometimes we find ourselves in a world within this world. And one day the worlds will merge again. That is the time when you find something new in the world you did not see for so long. At the end everything is ok. If it’s not ok it’s not the end!

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  3. OH GOD.. I wish I wishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can change .. I try my level best all the time but the silly old stupid me finds it so hard to change and FORGET.. đŸ˜Ļ the words in hindi hit hard.. TRUE…

    but anyway today is a festival day 🙂 so let me smile and say

    Happy Diwali to you and family and Everyone around you .


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    • Feelings are mutual dear… Still trying hard!!
      Those words (in Hindi) just came instantly…
      Glad you can relate with it! Thank you so much dear!
      Wish you and your loved once too a very happy and prosperous Diwali!! 🙂


    • Beautiful and true!
      You said it all in a sweet poetry… Glad you liked it!
      I know you are with me so, Thank you so much dear for your support!
      I’m really blessed!! Thank you! ❤


    • Oh! That’s so sweet of you, RJ! It’s just come to my mind instantly and posted it.
      Glad you liked it! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. 🙂


  4. Change is many times the best thing that happens. It is normal to want to stick to what we know but it might not be as good as what is to come. Good is good; but must be shed aside to make way for the best. If I like a certain fruit so much but it causes my body to itch when I eat it, I must turn my back on it; and go for another fruit; and the new one may be sweeter and more nutritive. Thanks for your lovely poem Nimmi.

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  5. wow!!!!heart touching lines.. you expressed it so well…
    ” sometimes some people in our life create a mess, and leave us hanging between our past and present, it’s hard to clean the mess but worst feeling is when people who created it our nt there anymore”…..

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    • Hmmmm… True, dear!! These hard feelings will not allow you to forget your past and live your present.
      Thank you for your sweet words. Glad you liked it, dear!! 🙂


    • Shayed aapka kehna bhi sahi ho…. Sab ka apna apna nazariya hota hai… Jahan aapke nazar main waqt saat nahi deta mere liye Insaan koshish nahi karta…
      Jo bahi ho… Thank you so much for your lovely words. Appreciated it! 🙂

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  6. ā¤•āĨā¤¯ā¤ž ā¤–āĨ‚ā¤Ŧ ā¤•ā¤šā¤¤āĨ€ ā¤šāĨ‹ ā¤¨ā¤ŋā¤ŽāĨā¤ŽāĨ€ ā¤Ÿā¤žā¤‡ā¤Ž ā¤ļā¤žā¤¨ā¤Ļā¤žā¤° ā¤šāĨˆ thanks for share this

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