Shattered dreams…

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Previously, you made my dreams beautiful
Beautiful with your presence
You Played with me, talked with me
You spend lots of time with me
Now, those dreams turn into nightmares
The thought haunts me, scares me
You left me with cold sweat and breathless
Now I’m shattered in different pieces
Handed over to different people
But no one willing to take me as a whole
Like a beautiful pearl necklace
Broken and shattered on the ground
Can’t get back to the original round

66 thoughts on “Shattered dreams…

  1. What we identified with the most wonderful feelings become the most hurting knife once the subject for those feelings are memories of the past. I understand this. For example songs we loved to listen because they fit those feelings are a torture when they are played surprisingly.Big hugs Nimmi!

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  2. Hi Nimmi, thanks for following my blog. I hope this finds to you well. Your poT is very sad and I understand. Sometimes we break to get fixed aright after. I feel things are close though. It’s painful and there are so many excuses for damning the situation and needing to move on, though it comes back around and maybe eventually we can be together enough to enjoy what we have painstakingly created.

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    • I already told you dear that, you have a great blog and I already loved your work. 🙂
      I’m so glad you connect with my feelings and Thank you so much for liking my poetry’s 🙂 You are so sweet, Ashley! ❤

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  3. Broken I may be, lost I am not.
    You were the blessing in disguise,
    The disguise you stripped open
    Snatching the solace that held me together.

    Broken I may be, lost I am not
    Lessons, you left behind, make me stronger
    Each broken piece that I collect,
    I find myself, a part of the dream.

    Broken I may be, lost I am not
    For like a phoenix,
    I will rise from the ashes
    That you left behind

    PS : Don’t kill me. I am just trying to bring the sunny side up. I apologize if I over stepped.

    PPS : Great post – poem. Too deep. Too emotional (sort of). Nostalgic. And the blatant truth. A reality which whispers and stays so close we never see it coming.

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  4. READ YOUR FEELINGS category birdie, can see a broken love side of you, and how you says your feeling into a poetic form..

    Broken shattered pearls will mend again
    keep a hope,
    as someone will come to make things right,
    and make your dreams beautiful again 🙂

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    • Yes, dear… This birdie is having a broken heart. And, her feelings mostly come out in a poetic form.
      However, she is glad you loved her work.
      Aw! That so sweet of you to say, Mansi!! Love to you ❤ 🙂

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  5. I wish Birdie will write more of her feelings in poetic form and during her poetry process she will soon mend her heart too …love to u too ❤ will love reading more of your feelings as they are something i could feel connected with… 😀

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