Friendship never dies…

Friends, a very common word
But, a strange relation
A strange relation which we make with strangers
A strange relation which enhances the taste of any relation
Some say it’s the beginning of a relationship
Some say it still hold you after your break up
Friendship is not just a band
But it’s a bond which holds you together
Hold you in your thick and thin
So I’m sending this friendship band
To all of you here
And hope our bond will stay strong and sweet

I know, I’m very late to wish you all a Happy Friendship day… However, someone very close to me told me once that there is no special day to wish a friend a friendship day… Every day is a friend’s day 🙂 Love you all ❤  :*

44 thoughts on “Friendship never dies…

  1. Friendship is the road side stand that you stop at when you want to taste the local fruits
    Then you get back to the road of life all the while remembering that sweet taste you just had
    As always Sheldon

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  2. I truly don’t have any words for this today. Aapne kuch aise doston ki yaad diladi jinko bahut Der ho gayi mile, many years since I came from India. As I told you, I mostly keep to myself because lot of people disrespect this word friendship too much these days, atleast in my experience. So I thank you for bringing those memories. I totally agree with you, we don’t need a day to make friends or appreciate those that we have. Itne comments Maine WP pe shayad hi kisi ke blog pe kiye Hon hahah anyways I am honored to find a friend like yourself to whome I can share my views any time. So at this point, all I can say is “Kiven Kara shukrana data, main tere upkaran da. Aukhey vele saath nibhave, Roop banake yaaran da”. Since every day is friendship day, I will say Happy Friendship day to you and I hope our friendship grows stronger by each tick of the clock. Have an awesome day and I hope you achieve everything you passionately work towards (aur yeh dua pure dil se hai ek dost ki dusre dost ke liye). Stay blessed and warm regards.

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    • Friendships can’t be explained in words, it must be felt from the heart! And, friends don’t necessarily need to stay or talk to you every day… they are like stars, not always seen, but always there 😊 However, these days people are misusing these beautiful relation… they are not understanding and respecting it….!
      Mujhe bhi aapka presence in my blog accha lagta hai… so, it’s totally my pleasure to find such an awesome and kind friend like you 💕
      Feelings are mutual dear! Nahi Janthi kya kahun bas itna, ki dost bola hai tho dosti nibhaungi, chahe jaise bhi ho ☺
      Wish you too a happy friendship day dear and I too hope you get whatever you deserve for ! May you have a happy and blessed future 💖 😊

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