Shattered dreams…

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Previously, you made my dreams beautiful
Beautiful with your presence
You Played with me, talked with me
You spend lots of time with me
Now, those dreams turn into nightmares
The thought haunts me, scares me
You left me with cold sweat and breathless
Now I’m shattered in different pieces
Handed over to different people
But no one willing to take me as a whole
Like a beautiful pearl necklace
Broken and shattered on the ground
Can’t get back to the original round

Memories…. Unforgettable!!!

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“Every time I talk about memories between us, I feel myself light up and feel the big smile forming, the one you always left on my face. Then I realize those are the past, and now’s the future without you to share unforgettable memories with like I used to.”

Friendship never dies…

Friends, a very common word
But, a strange relation
A strange relation which we make with strangers
A strange relation which enhances the taste of any relation
Some say it’s the beginning of a relationship
Some say it still hold you after your break up
Friendship is not just a band
But it’s a bond which holds you together
Hold you in your thick and thin
So I’m sending this friendship band
To all of you here
And hope our bond will stay strong and sweet

I know, I’m very late to wish you all a Happy Friendship day… However, someone very close to me told me once that there is no special day to wish a friend a friendship day… Every day is a friend’s day 🙂 Love you all ❤  :*