Y is For Yesterday…

April A to Z Blogging…. For me Y is for Yesterday is gone….

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I was not living yesterday
Just counting the days away
I hardly get any sleep
Simply sit and weep
Don’t even feel hungry
Don’t know why, but, easily get angry
My yesterday disgust me
Just because I let you free
But today is a another day
I’m so happy and gay
My pains are fading away
Sunlight is showing me the way
My today is so bright
Its because I love my light

32 thoughts on “Y is For Yesterday…

  1. Hey Nimmi,

    Long time — I wondered why were you not writing so I visited your blog site only to realize somehow you have been unfollowed (sad right?). Well, so good to read your posts again.

    Kind Regards,

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    • Hey dear,
      I’m also wondering, where you went?? However, glad to see you back 😉 Welcome, dear 🙂 And thanks a million!! Glad you liked my work 🙂
      Much love to you ❤

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  2. Don’t live your yesterday, but don’t leave it behind either. After all, your yesterday shaped your today and will determine your tomorrow. On the other hand, never forget that your today is what matters most. Smile for today, because yesterday cannot be repeated and tomorrow may never come.


    • You are so true as always!! Yesterdays are the mould, from which our today comes out.
      You know you are on my mind… a confession 😛
      I’m so glad you liked it and loved my work!! Thank you so much, Edwin! 🙂 ❤

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