W For Words of silence

April A to Z Blogging…. For me W for Words of silence….


Sometimes when word fails
Silence prevails
Silence, a beautiful word
But with an empty meaning
Silence which makes you alone
But helps you to know your own
Who can’t use their power of words
Their power of silence touches the lord
They say, before every storm there’s silence
A silence which speaks so loud
Words of silence have that power
It can be good, can be bad too

34 thoughts on “W For Words of silence

  1. Nimmi, I am amazed by the depth of this poem. Silence can be so much. But only in silence we can hear the silent/peaceful voice of ourself. Therefore only in silence we can connect with our immense potential of wisdom. The answers are lying within us… but we need to get silent to find them. Beautiful, Nimmi!

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    • Wow!! It’s awesome and indeed, true! Silence sometimes have that power… Without saying a word we can convey many.
      Thank you dear for sharing such a lovely thought and the painting is simply awesome 🙂 ❤

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