V For Voyage…..

April A to Z Blogging… For me V for Voyage….

Google Image
Google Image

 I’m the captain of my ship
Taking a beautiful world trip
Sailing it to the unknown
As per destiny has shown
Discovering new places
Which nature embraces

37 thoughts on “V For Voyage…..

  1. One of my most favorite movie of all time is this movie with Betty Davis,called Now Voyageur . I don’t know why but your poem made me think of it,if you have the time you should see it,it’s an easy one to find
    Thank you for visiting,next time will do lunch

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey dear,
      I’m so glad that my poem made you think of ‘Voyageur’. I’ll definitely search this move and watch soon 🙂
      Thanks for the visit and suggesting a good movie too 😉
      Haha,,, I’ll be glad if I get the opportunity to have a lunch with you 🙂 You are so sweet, Sheldon 🙂


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