U For Unanswered….

April A to Z Blogging…. For me U for Unanswered Prayers….

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You prayed to god
For Us…
Which never been answered
You are praying to god
For Me…
Will you think this will be answered??

26 thoughts on “U For Unanswered….

  1. Perhaps he should simply praying inside instead of outside and he will not only find the answers, he will also find divine’s wisdom. Great poem, Nimmi, that’s right the misunderstanding why we don’t find answers. We wait that we get them from outside but in reality it is all within already. Perhaps you did not mean the poem that way, but that’s what comes to my mind.

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  2. so what i understand is , when you refer “US” it mean the person wished for being together, and when you refer “Me” , the person is wishing you to return back
    Apologies if my interpretation is wrong . nice post birdie

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  3. Don’t wait for an answer, because waiting is like dying inch by inch every day; wondering whether the waiting will ever end…

    Find the answer to the prayer within you. For within you lies the answer to all your questions and prayers.

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    • I know what you are talking about… You know, head don’t want to wait however, don’t have any control on heart…
      And finding answers for the unanswered questions are confusing me…
      Just hope for something better… Thanks a million my dear friend ❤ 🙂

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