O For Optimism….

April A to Z Blogging….. For me O for Optimistic….


I’m broken, shattered and in pain
Taking two steps forward
And three steps back in vain
You push me hard on the ground
Left me there in my wound
I’ll crawl, bend and will stand
Cause strangers are giving me a helping hand
I know I’m still alone
In this world, still unknown
Some says let go of these feelings
But when night falls my hearts start bleeding
I wish I can erase my pain
And get healed by the rain
I have been called crazy and lazy
But trying to live like a daisy
I’ll swim in this dead sea
Cause I’m still strong you see
I can still see the stars
And will win this war
I’ll go with the light of the mystic
Cause the kindness from strangers keeps me optimistic

Thank you for this lovely word too πŸ™‚ And I’m dedicating it to all my lovely friends out here, including you… Yes, YOU πŸ™‚


54 thoughts on “O For Optimism….

  1. This poem is a master piece, Nimmi. It states very clear how things are. But there is no hiding, no breaking apart anymore – as if you would observe yourself. It is just a clear statement and at the same time it radiates this growing enormous strength of moving on, of getting strong right because of this experience. I cannot tell you how much I find myself in it. Great Nimmi!!!

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  2. Lovely. This kind of poems are my favourites, so rhyming. Appreciating the effort you took and your poetic skills in this one. Btw You are paddling really hard to keep yourself afloat!! Be strong πŸ™‚

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