J for Journey, Our Journey…

April A to Z Blogging…. For me J for Journey Of Love…


Sitting on my terrace, saw two little love birds
So very happy, so much in love
It’s so nice to watch them, giving me so peace
I sat there for a long while, thinking about us
Then they flew away, away and away
Leaving me here with my own thought
We were like that two little love birds
So very much happy, so in love
Then you flew away, away and away
Leaving me all alone in this dreadful land
They were flying in their journey of love
And our journey of love is ending


19 thoughts on “J for Journey, Our Journey…

  1. Good one gal! Jus get some wind below your wings, push harder .. You can fly too!! Leave behind the dreaded place u r in. Fly away and explore the new beautiful world out there!

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  2. You are writing beautifully, Nimmi. Your thoughts are just floating like the birds, like the wind that takes along some leaves and let them gently land again. It feels light and without judgment. Just how it is. Reading your poem is like seeing the world through your eyes.

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  3. Lovely poem Nimmi! A real picture of the world in which we live. Some are happy and some are sad. Some friendships are starting;some are ending. Some are flying together in love; some are flying apart after the love has hit the rocks. Let me congratulate you on your beautiful writing. Just keep shining.

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