B for Broken…

April A to Z Blogging… For me B for Broken…Β 

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I know our love was strong
But you thought it was wrong
I’m sorry if I broke your heart
But inside I’m tearing my heart apart
Sorry for the pain I caused
Undeserving you is my loss
Need to leave this pain
All my efforts seem to fall in vain
My heart was always yours
But now won’t believe in stars anymore
I know you walked away
But in my memories you will stay
Do a favor on your part
Cut all the strings you have on my heart
I want you to always shine
With grace and darkness for mine


33 thoughts on “B for Broken…

  1. The brain knew what to do… but the heart cannot follow. Letting go is one of the hardest things. But once we are ready it is the biggest relief and the spring board to a new life. Because when we let go we are able to turn ourselves around and see all the options life has to offer… Beautiful and deep felt poem, Nimmi!

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  2. I wish unloving was as easy as loving. People think ‘letting go’ are just two words — letting go is a world created with love and affection. It just can’t slip away.
    Thank you for sharing, Nimmi.


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  3. Damn, this reminds me of the forbidden love I’ve experienced. Falling in love with the right person but in the wrong time….

    Maybe you didn’t mean to write about that, but the emotion feels the same. I feel you, my friend.

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    • Oh!! You felt my pain… You are right, person was right but, the time was wrong… And now I lost both!!!
      You are so kind and sweet, Edwin!! May god bless you and alleviate all your pain πŸ™‚ ❀

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  4. Aww girl, another poem spewed from your heart. And here’s my prayer for you, that you come “unbroken” and let the light seep through. Sometimes, though it’s hard, letting go is the best thing to do ❀

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    • Aw!! I’m so glad you liked it πŸ™‚
      You are right, letting so is hard but, have to do for our own good.
      Thank you, dear for your prayers and kind words. Love to you ❀ πŸ™‚

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