A for Alone…

April A to Z Blogging…. for me A for ALONE….

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Last night I can’t able to sleep
Your memories are haunting me like a dream
I keep looking for someone to talk
I sit and listen to the noise of the clock
You saw me crying
But inside I was dying
Don’t you ever see my tears
Don’t you see the hurt from so many years
The girl which you have left hurt so bad
Is now waiting for death and utterly sad
No one to listen or even to talk to
No one to share her innermost feelings too
Recalling your memories which hurt me more
And the words you have spoken
Is making my days and night so shaken
The hurt, pain and anger is not going away
Why you loved me and then turned your back away
I really can’t explain how I feel inside
The Feeling of being alone is rushing like a tide
Your memories haunt me where ever I go
I do love you still and you should know
I wish I could make you understand
And remember the day when you hold my hand
I was ready to do whatever you want
But today your memories haunt
I would take away all your pain
In the end, nothing I gain
Want to give you all the happiness
And for me, all I have loneliness
I hope someday you will understand
Someday you will take your stand
Until that day, I will punish myself
Punishment of loneliness…


38 thoughts on “A for Alone…

  1. Memories are something that can haunt you for a long while and then we don’t just have a delete button to delete them forever. We are not programmed that way.
    Punishment of loneliness is the worse punishment .
    This was sad but I liked how you expressed the pain, Nimmi.


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    • Indeed!!! You are right, Naima, we all are not programmed the way we want to… having a delete button for our negative emotions are all we want…but, don’t have.
      Thank you, dear πŸ™‚ Your words made me happy πŸ™‚
      Love to you ❀

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  2. The feeling of excruciating pain presented by your words is heart touching. But loneliness is an opportunity to be strong. That is why love is simple, yet complicated. πŸ™‚
    Lovely words, Nimmi. β™₯

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  3. I hope all this lonesome time ends! you have written it so beautiful but yet i have seem my friends talking about this feeling.I fail to understand every time they mention but this blog helped me consider what were in actually talking about! πŸ™‚

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  4. Some memories are deep rooted and claim our heart to be their hometown. Forgive the incident, forgive the person but don’t forget, cause it’s not impossible to forget. It’s easier said than done. Just try, you will get over the sadness. Take it as a lesson and let go. πŸ™‚ And if at all you remember it again, remember you are stronger than that painful memory and you have all the right in the world to be happy. πŸ™‚ I hope you find happiness and enjoy solitude. πŸ˜€ best wishes Nimmi!

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      • I am glad to be of some help. I have experienced the same, in past and the very past has become a lesson and a learning point in my life. Initially, I was shattered and lost, and eventually I learnt, that the solution to all the pain and despair is forgiveness. At times when I remember those painful memories, I cease then and there and tell myself that, I am above all that πŸ™‚

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      • I can truly understand and relate to you as well!! Life is all about these up’s and down’s… Thank you my dear friend for being with me and supporting me through your loving and kind words!! ❀ πŸ™‚

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