Z for Zenith…

April A to Z Blogging… For me Z for Zenith….

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I was feeling so Alone
And so Broken
Cause Confusion has clouded my mind
It felt like Dancing in the rain
Where Echo of your name is all around
When you offered me your Fake friendship hand
Gray clouds of your memories are haunting me
All I need is Harmony
But I got Illusion of your love
Journey, our journey of togetherness
Needed a Kaizan
And a Limitless hope
But you have done a Mastery in hurting
So I found a New me
Looking life Optimistically
Because you have broken your Promises
And Quench your thirst
But I will always Remember you
And will shed Silent tears too
Cause I Trusted you
And remained in your Unanswered prayers
Now my new Voyage is begun
Where Words of silence
And Xenops sweet singing
Is part of my Yesterday
And I’m looking forward to touch the Zenith

A wonder challenge to work on and this is my last post for this A to Z challenge…  Mixture of all my A to Z post titles. Hope you all like it  🙂

Y is For Yesterday…

April A to Z Blogging…. For me Y is for Yesterday is gone….

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I was not living yesterday
Just counting the days away
I hardly get any sleep
Simply sit and weep
Don’t even feel hungry
Don’t know why, but, easily get angry
My yesterday disgust me
Just because I let you free
But today is a another day
I’m so happy and gay
My pains are fading away
Sunlight is showing me the way
My today is so bright
Its because I love my light

W For Words of silence

April A to Z Blogging…. For me W for Words of silence….


Sometimes when word fails
Silence prevails
Silence, a beautiful word
But with an empty meaning
Silence which makes you alone
But helps you to know your own
Who can’t use their power of words
Their power of silence touches the lord
They say, before every storm there’s silence
A silence which speaks so loud
Words of silence have that power
It can be good, can be bad too