Creative Bloggers Award

This birdie appreciated with another lovely award Creative Bloggers Award” from her lovely friends Prakesh and Yashika. PH is an awesome writer, poet and a person with a beautiful personality and a beautiful smile. Yash is an aspiring writer with a beautiful skill and pleasant personality.

Thank you Prakesh and Yashika for the nomination.

Today again one of birdie’s friend Randombytes nominated her for “Blog Tour Award” You can check out her answers here Blog Tour Award.

Thank you Randombytes for the nomination.


** Rules For The Award:

# Nominate around 10 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
# Thank and post the link to the blog that nominated you
# Share five facts about yourself to your readers
# Pass these rules on to them

** Five Facts About The Birdie:

# This Birdie loves adventure sports like bungee jumping, Sky diving, in short, she loves to fly.

# She is very talkative. She can talk non stop on any topic of her interest.

# She loves to watch Twilight series, Harry potter series and movies with a social message.

# She loves music and dance and sometimes love to sing and dance too.

#She is a peace loving birdie, she doesn’t like fighting, arguments and all. But, know how to put her point.

** The Lovely Nominees:

# Robert Jepson

# Santa’s Reindeer

# Open Book

# Musing On Life

# Lili’s Cake

# Amrit’s

# VoiceUrMind

# The Confused Young Adult

# Outlines

# Ultimate Solace


Congratulations nominees. Keep Shining!!

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