Standing strong…

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You want me to be strong
But I’m feeling weaker inside
You want me not to be alone
But the darkness is growing more
In my mind, I know time will change
And give myself too many try’s
I have injured my pride
But still want to take that ride
Trying my best to get everything back
And I will again stand strong
I want to fight for my pride
Will take some time to get back on my feet
But the strength within me will prevail
And I will again stand strong
I’m gathering myself together
With a will not to give up
It will take some time to heal
But I know I will stand strong

24 thoughts on “Standing strong…

  1. That you certainly will. :)This is only a begging love, you’ll b there soon. N when u look back, you’ll b so proud of yourself.
    Don’t find a reason to be mercy bout yourself, find a reason to give a damn bout things that don’t let you be you.

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  2. Thats what i’m talking about, will power my girl! It will take time, but you’ll there. Keep on moving and don’t look back. Though if you do, that’s okay. You can always start over again. 💕

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