Your Fake Promises…

“He spoke again as if he hadn’t just shattered his promise and her security. Her house of glass now lay in a pile of shards.”
― Aleatha Romig

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“I must be dumb for believing all those lies. I should’ve known from the start you had someone else in mind. Now I’m lost in my own book, stuck between the chapters. I bet you’re going to use my pain to get some laughter. Why didn’t you tell me the way you really felt the beginning? Or that you didn’t feel the same? Now the only thing in mind is to cause people pain, release all my anger. I put up with this for way too long. I try to do right, but fakes do me wrong. Please stop pretending and act like you know how I feel. Everything you’ve said lately has been unreal. If you want to know, look in my heart, you’ll be surprised at what you find. A bunch of doors that are not in line. Some are damaged, crooked, and some are crazy designs. Twisted and tied, because this whole thing has been a lie.”
– Anonymous

29 thoughts on “Your Fake Promises…

  1. Hello Nimmi! I love being here on your site with you. The quote is a good one. It challenges us humans. We lie rather too much even to our best friends – our spouses. Take away lies and the would be an excellent place for all.

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  2. Don’t know what to write in comments, but i believe every loving heart met love at the end.
    Nice post. enjoyed some other posts from you. Keep Writing n Stay Blessed. Jai Shri Krishna!

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