Childhood best friend..

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What all happened in the past
And where I don’t want to return
Just because of the situation
That which I have learnt
I looked around ahead of me
But don’t know why
You were not around me
To hold my hand
And walk around the world
To tell me everything is okay
And talk with me every day
This loosing process of ours
Its extremely low for me
But now I’m trying to let go
Because inside we are strong
Will forgive and forget
And choose different roads
Even though we are apart
There are always me and you
Our friendship will always be true
And it will carry on like that
I know you are my friend
My childhood best friend
Which will be like that
Till we end…

This was written for Essence of Reminiscence. This weeks prompt was Siblings & Childhood Friends Thank you, Priya for this lovely prompt as well 🙂

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