Scary mischievous dream…

Last night I dreamt a dream
I don’t know, what can it mean?
That I was a wounded Angel
Guarded by scary strangers
I was like a fallen leaf
Darken eyes and hopeless grief
Soon my eyes filled with mischief
Want to fly away from this sickness
Demon inside long for the freedom
But my inner self waiting for the reason.

This was written for Essence of Reminiscence. Thank you, Priya for the second lovely prompt- Mischiefs And Pranks

40 thoughts on “Scary mischievous dream…

  1. It’s good to know everything works out in the end. To me, this poem speaks of a “person” who wants to escape the sick feeling of hopelessness and being damaged. That’s hard to do when she’s being heavily guarded or held prisoner (she doesn’t seem completely sure which one it is). Mischief manages to grow inside her as she longs to break free of this kind of life. Yet she continues to wait for a bigger reason to escape. She refuses to act on impulse. I was hoping that big reason would come sooner than later for her, but she seemed to understand that not everything was in her control. Still, it’s great to know that it all worked out well for her. Good job!

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