You left me broken…

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If you ever really loved me
I said, I’ll let you go
If you understood my feelings
Then you would know it’s not so
If you were less stubborn
And I did care much less
Then we wouldn’t be in this mess
But time has its own twist
Our life is now a part
Even if we never meet again
Our past is not left behind
Is that what you really want
To leave me just hurt
Will that make you happy
I can forget your faults
And accepts you as you are
But why are you throwing stones at me
When I’m just like a falling wall
I wanted you to be happy
And give me some time to heal
My past is not yet over
And it left a scar so real

37 thoughts on “You left me broken…

  1. Dear Nimmi, the issue is not about bending, all of us do at under different circumstances, the issue always is about how long? one month? 6 months? a year? a lifetime? that is where the issue lies… I have seen friends and family put up with crap their entire lives… some of us are lucky because we take a quick but drastic decision… but not everyone has the guts, the heart, the ‘cojones’
    PS: if you have any free time, do read a book called ‘who moved my cheese’ 🙂

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    • So very rightly said… And I totally agree with you, Santosh.
      Yes, I read this book by Dr. Spencer Johnson which gives us a very good lesson about life and chance from four different points of view. Everyone must read it once.
      Thank you, Santosh for this 🙂

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