Burning Candle and the Loving Moth

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One lonely cold and dark night. A handsome moth, take his flight towards the beautiful burning candle. His love for the candle is shining on his face. He is flying around the flame bravely.

Then he notices the candle’s tear and asked, “I am your lover, I am the one in love, then why are you weeping for?”

The beautiful candle replied,”Oh, my friend! Don’t you see, I am the one who is burning your wings.”

To this the moth replied bravely, my ultimate affection for you, my love. It is my dire wish of meeting with you, for it I would have sacrificed my worthy life.”

“Why you wish so direly? You know meeting with me would turn into ashes!” Candle warned the handsome moth.

‘Yes, I know and still wish for this” Brave moth replied smilingly.

Candle replied, ignoring the moth,”Since the day my sweetheart left my wax, I can’t even relaxed. The flame that you see upon my head, is the fire that my love to the world to spread my light. May be one day my lover may see my longing for him from the distance. Your love is devoid for reason.”

Oh dear! Every love has been devoid of reasons. Love is the poison for intellect and makes one insane in a moment and from that moment insanity for others becomes the intellect of lover.” Moth explained

“But, how makes it possible for things to be reasonless.” Candle questioned

“Just like it was reasonless when God brought his love of life near to him before the test of death was passed by his love.”

“I am afraid, I cannot understand your love.” candle replied

“Of course, you won’t. Because you are still aware of my love.” Moth replied with a sigh

Candle replied thoughtfully, “Perhaps you are right, however, I have still not felt any special for you.”

“I know, but still request you for the sake of my incomplete love, please let me show my love by touching you once.” Moth replied ruefully

“Even you shall have loose your life?” Candle inquired

“Yes, even then as well.” Moth replied with sheer determination.

He entered into the center of the burning flame while saying,”Every soul burns into flame. It’s my fortunate fate that burns me in the soul of my love.” And he turns himself into ashes.

The flame of candle, just got intense. The candle which had felt nothing special for the Moth, was weeping through tears of melting wax for the Moth. She felt the love and lose at the same time. Slowly the candle also died!

True love melted the candle and burned the Moth.

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14 thoughts on “Burning Candle and the Loving Moth

  1. I have read another version of this story, where the moth says to the candle “I love you so much that I am ready to die for one brief moment with you, before I’m consumed” and to this the candle replies “my love for you is so intense, that waiting for that brief moment, I am continuously burning with my love for you” πŸ™‚

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    • Ah!! This version is so sweet. There are so many versions out there, it depends on how we look. I guess πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad that you have given me this version too. Thank you πŸ™‚ And Welcome to my little world, Santosh πŸ™‚

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