I’m missing you..

Image from vi.sualize.us
Image from vi.sualize.us

I’m still thinking of you
Yes, yes I do
I’m missing you terribly
Yes, yes I do
Miss you with a wound
Yes, it aches too
I wish that you were here
It’s lonelier than most days
The day was gone
So that you
Now, I’m sitting here
With this darkened heart
And eyes of gray
Feeling so very down
Knowing you won’t say
I pushed you away
But I wanted you to stay
Now today I’m all alone
Listening to our song
My heart feels so blue
Damn, I hate myself
I hate myself
For losing you.


17 thoughts on “I’m missing you..

  1. ‘V’ and. . I must say you something. . .
    Whenever I hear this song Artyy. . . I feel that, “If Artyy writes a poem with a positive soul on Love, she would top this!”

    “Let’s lock the door behind us,
    They won’t find us
    Make the whole world wait
    While we

    Dance around this bedroom
    Like we’ve only got tonight
    Not about to let you go
    Until the morning light.
    You can be my whole world
    If I can be your satellite.”

    For full lyric, check this: http://www.metrolyrics.com/satellite-lyrics-nickelback.html

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  2. Missing someone is terrible. It can only be cured by the person who have given this pain, the one we know will never come back. Hence there’s no cure. Letting out all the pain is only way out. But I must say out mind amplifies that pain and sometimes all our weakness gets exposed despite the strength we have. (OK, I’ll shut up now :P)
    Nice heartfelt words. πŸ™‚

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  3. Yes so typically girlish, unclear of what she wants and what she is doing. Even when in the heart says something to bind, the action and words by her differ totally in the opposite.

    The only slight problem here is, she wants him to understand whats in her heart and he is having a habit of listening to what she says and follow it however painful may it be for him.

    Basically its a skewed exhibition of love and expectation.

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