Where has our love gone…


You told me once,
You’ll never leave me,
You were so right
I’m feeling you all around
But now I don’t want you
Then why?
Why are you still in my dreams
Why are you smiling in my memories
Why are you forcing me to call you
Why are you wanting me to hold you
Don’t do this to me again
Your words soothe my soul
Your smile healed my pain
Made me whole for a while
Sometimes I really wonder
Where did I go wrong
I wonder where do I belong
I’ve swallowed all my pride
And forgot the humiliation
When I begged you to stay
When I kneeled down
And you just turn away
I’ve never been so hurt
Why do you leave me
Where has our love gone


26 thoughts on “Where has our love gone…

  1. Love is gone
    Love is gone
    For love is just an emotion
    I did everything to hold you
    But leaving me is all you did

    If this poem is true depiction of emotions then I would say cherish the moments of love and forget about the betrayal and disgust. Move ahead to find new love, for all I see is great love in your heart so you would definitely meet next great love.

    For once a great man said, let go of all the hatred and evil thoughts what left is love, attracting good things in your life. Evil will eat you and change you into someone you are not! Think!

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