This little birdie just came home after her splendid flight around the world.

Surprise! Surprise!! Surprise!!!

What she just saw, was a big box, outside her door is a surprise for her. A box, a beautifully wrapped big box which reads,’ To Birdie, With love Friends’. Let’s take it inside and see what this big box contain.

OMG!! It’s very heavy….

Phew, reached, Now let’s open and see what’s inside.

Whoo hoo… A box full of AWARDS 🙂 Oh!! Little Birdie is flattered 🙂


I have no words to express my gratitude to all of you for putting your trust in me. Your support will keep inspiring me to offer my best of work. Thank you all who ever nominated me. I really appreciate all your love and support. Soul mate’s- so near, yet so far, is growing so fast, above my expectations. In just Four and a half month it has received Seven awards and more than hundreds of lovely friends. I really appreciated this journey till now and looking forward to fly high along with all my lovely friends.


Nominated by a very lovely friend of mine, Sam from tokillamimingbird.wordpress.com Thank you so much dear!!



  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site
  2. Put the award logo on your blog
  3. Answer the ten questions they’ve sent you
  4. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer
  5. Nominate ten people

Sam, do you want me to answer all these questions??? :-O

  1. Do you like soap operas; which one and why? If not, then imagine a soap opera you’d like to see televised.

I really dont like Soap operas, however, if something related to a social message of just a non hurting comedy is worth a watch.

  1. What is the one language you wish you knew and why?

French!! I want to learn it and Im looking forward to do that 😉 I want to learn because I just love it.

  1. What is (are) your favorite word(s)?

 Omg!! Everything will be alrightIs my favorite one.

  1. Has your blog affected the people in your life? How?

Hmm My people just hate when I spend lots of time on the net. They say, Im weird  😛

  1. Do you think desserts should be eaten first?

No, I guess, deserts should be eaten after because, that will give you a feeling of having a full and complete meal.

  1. Do you believe the world can be divided into cat-people and dog-people?

Actually speaking, I really dont like Division I think we all are same Want to say one word (Actually, two ;)) Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (The World is one family)

  1. What/who makes you laugh the hardest?

Tom and Jerry 😉 These days I hardly laugh

  1. What’s the one song that can make you smile and why?

I love music Hmmm, the song which makes me smile There are many 🙂 Right now, I dont remember any 😛

  1. Have you cuddled (or sent your cuddles to) your loved one today? *You know what to do if your answer is in the negative. *

Big hug and lots of love coming your way. Yes, YOUR WAY 🙂 ❤

  1. My favorite: Why did the chicken cross the road?

     I dont know I will ask the chicken, and let you know 😉

My 10 questions to my 10 lovely Girlfriends 😉

  1. Have you ever danced in the rain?
  2. Ugly and live forever, or attractive and die in a year?
  3. Do you sweat on small staffs?
  4. Do you believe in miracles? If yes, then why?
  5. What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?
  6. If you could wake up tomorrow in the body of someone else, who would you pick and what would you do?
  7. What Cheers you up?
  8. What is the weirdest thing about you? Are you proud of it?
  9. You can select one person from history and have them truthfully answer one question, who would you select and what is the question?
  10. Which cartoon character do you resemble the most?

My lovely new bee nominees are:

Lili from liliscakes.com

Joe sister from souldiergirl.com

Kim from words4jp.wordpress.com

Judith from humboldtbayhome.wordpress.com

Mary from beautytruuth.wordpress.com

Didi from cookplayneat.wordpress.com

Icha from ichasyahfa.wordpress.com

Priya from theconfusedyoungadult.wordpress.com

GF from gfchopstix.wordpress.com

Kinnari from kinniisblog.wordpress.com

Ameena  and  impossiblebebong are my Special connections 🙂


Nominated by a very talented friend Sheldon from sheldonkleemanartworks.com Thank you so very much Sheldon!!



  1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog
  2. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.
  3. State 7 things about yourself
  4. Nominate up to 11 other bloggers for the award.
  5. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them.
  6. Display the award logo on your blog.

I really, you mean I really have to Answer Seven things about myself…

Let me try…

She is a naughty devil yet, sensitive 😛

She loves to read books.

She won’t sleep till her work won’t be done.

She thinks from the heart, then from the brain.

She loves her new world, her Blogging world.

She can’t stand negativity, lie and crime (Crime against women and children)

Her Aim is to make this World a beautiful World.

My Versatile nominees are:

Abhi from subduedflamboyance.wordpress.com

Nalinki from angleandviews.wordpress.com

Romanus from yoursuccessinspirer.com

Jodi from lifeinbetween.me

Vicki from ecoelementsllc.wordpress.com

Jerry from dodgysurfer.com

Ramona from ramonacrisstea.com

NL from valiantwarrior.wordpress.com

RD from afadedromantic.wordpress.com

Jithin from trablogger.wordpress.com

Robert from robertjepson.wordpress.com

Ruth and iDMW are my special connection 🙂


Nominated by four lovely and beautiful friends, Amrit from aamrits.wordpress.com  Hargun from hargunwahi.wordpress.com Supreet from theonlysup.wordpress.com and Yashika from yashika194.wordpress.com Thank you so much for your appreciation dear friends!!



  1. Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
  2. Answer the questions given to you and then come up with 10 new questions for your
  3. Nominate 8 other blogs for the Award.
  4. No tag-backs.
  5. You must tell all the blogs that you have nominated them.

Questions asked by my lovely friends  (So sorry guy’s, because of less time, I have chosen three questions each from your list) I hope you understand!!!

  1. What’s your reason behind starting this blog?

Well, I was a lonely birdie.. I need someone to share my feelings with so, just started.

  1. Which place is your dream destination?

 I would love to go to a place where I can be me, a place where there is beauty all around. Like an Untouched island.

  1. Which is your favorite cartoon character?

Doraemon and Tom and Jerry.

  1. Money or happiness?? Your choice??

Without any doubt, Happiness.

  1. The greatest weakness or a negative quality you have overcome and would like to overcome?

I neglect my health. Being a workaholic, I hardly get time to take care of myself. So I have to work on that.                                                             

  1. How has blogging impacted your life till now?

Blogging affected me in many ways, it has given me freedom, friends and confidence.

  1. What is your favorite color?

Dark… Dark is my color.

  1. What do you find inspiring about writing (or blogging)?

Many things inspire me, like a song, an advertisement, any post or quote,experiences and YOU.

  1. If you have to describe yourself in one sentence, what would that be?

I just love to be like a bird. Free as always.

  1. If you had a full day to yourself, would you spend it yourself or chill out with friends?

Ah!! That will be totally my day. I love to be with Me.  (No offence)

  1. Have you made friends you cherish, here?

Yes, definitely, I have made many friends, and, I mean it.

  1. Any Advice you would like to give to fellow bloggers from your blogging experience?

An Advice given to me by my mentor is that, ‘Just go with the flow, Spread happiness, spread love.’ In return, you will be loved.


My 10 questions to my Lovely nominees

  1. What does your Blog mean to you?
  2. How you start your day?
  3. Do you love travelling? If so, how often you do and what travelling teaches you?
  4. What is your perspective about life?
  5. According to you, what makes a person beautiful?
  6. What you love to do the most?
  7. How well you describe, failure and success?
  8. Three things you never leave home without?
  9. As a person, you are?
  10. Best compliments you have received till date?

My Liebster Nominees are:

Rajesh from asarpota.wordpress.com

Iku2e from iku2e.wordpress.com

Laurabed from laurabednarz24.wordpress.com

Angela from writingpicturetherapy.wordpress.com

V from dontgetwasted01.wordpress.com

Upen from voiceurmind.wordpress.com

Ida from idaskopje.wordpress.com

Ahmed from aaghazahmed.wordpress.com

Chaitanya from theeawakeening14.wordpress.com

Jeanne from theexceptionaleveryday.wordpress.com

Thank you so much for your love and support. These are just symbols, my actual Award is your love and support. A Big Congratulations to all the nominees J


42 thoughts on “A BOX FULL OF AWARDS

  1. Well well congratulations little birdie. Thanks for nominating me for the sisterhood award !!!! When I was in my teens I always feel jealous of my friends who had sisters. But at this point in my life I have enough friends who are more than real sisters to me and my relationship my brother is beyond “fevicol ka majboot jod”
    I love your poems and the images !!! You truly deserve all this and much more. All my best wishes for you and a tiny little advise from Didi is start taking care of your health right this moment. I have been there where you are now. But we are only growing to grow older and if you want to be workaholic forever you have to take care of yourself .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw!! Thank you so much, Didi!! As I did to my friends who have brothers… I hear you 🙂
      I try my level best to take care of myself, Didi. Thank you for your loving care and concern. I’m feeling overwhelmed!!! I can feel like having an elder Sister :-*

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 🙂
    Please receive my heartiest congratulations for these awards. You are doing a great job and you really deserve it:)
    I feel honored to be nominated for the versatile blog award. Thank you so much .You know its a time consuming job to receive awards. It’ll take some time but I’ll be there to receive it.

    Best Regards

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Congratulations on all your awards Nimmi for your lovely blog and for all your great answers! Thanks so much for the Sisterhood award nomination and will be working on the stuff when I can… need to go and make a cake now! 🙂 Thanks again and wishing you more happy blogging! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Congratulations Nimmi. Your awards are well merited. You have inspired me for quite a while now by your generous spirit. You have not relented in your effort to encourage me with your presence on my site; and now you have nominated me for this wonderful award. You are so sweet. I pray that your light may continue to shine and light up your world! As you can see my site does not have any award so even though I have been nominated about ten times already. The decision to accept awards does not depend on me. It depends on the Management Board of this site which has decided that we start accepting awards from August 15, 2015 which is our first anniversary. Would you kindly nominate us at that time. In the mean time I pray that God may always light up your path.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Hey nimmi;)
    Congozzz girl:D. 4 1/2 months of blogging and won 7 awards.. Quite impressive dear:)) you deserve much more than this. Your poems entangles the bloggers :)) time to pardyyyyy;):D..
    Wear a smile.
    Keep posting
    The poems
    In your style


    Liked by 1 person

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