In Depth ~ Ocean Plastic

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Have you heard about this amazing 20-year-old Boyan Slat from the Netherlands? “While diving in Greece, he became frustrated when coming across more plastic bags than fish, and wondered: “why can’t we clean this up?” ~  The Ocean Clean Up website.

Boyan-1resize600 We hear about the problem of floating garbage islands in the oceans.

  • “Millions of tons of plastic have entered the oceans (UNEP 2005)
  • Plastic concentrates in five rotating currents, called gyres (Maximenko et al., 2012)”

We read about ecological effects of plastic killing ocean life,

  • “At least one million seabirds, and one-hundred thousand marine mammals die each year due to plastic pollution (Laist, 1997)
  • The survival of many species, including the Hawaiian Monk Seal and Loggerhead Turtle, could be jeopardized by plastic debris (Derraik, 2002)”

and polluting the food chain.

  • “Toxic chemicals (including PCBs and DDTs) are adsorbed by the plastic, increasing the concentration a million times (Mato et al., 2001)
  • After…

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5 thoughts on “In Depth ~ Ocean Plastic

  1. Yes, it’s unfrickin’ believable, isn’t it?

    Not just plastic but so much that 8 billion people throw into the sea. India has a “holy river”, the Ganges. Yet it is so toxic and polluted that the water cannot be drunk.

    Japan is releasing most of that radiated water stored in Fukushima, into the Pacific ocean. I would avoid eating fish from it for the next 10,000 years. Since all the oceans are connected it will be spread around the globe. Now how redundant is that?

    I feel for the ocean’s life. Most of the starfish on west coast, have died off and many other species too. Pacific Auk, for one. I try to avoid using plastic and use things like bags, over again. Yet we cannot avoid it all.

    Large coastal cities still take their garbage out to sea and dump it.

    Trawlers have nets so wide that you can fit 13 large airliners into their mouths. They drag along disrupting the sea bottoms, that many species cannot survive. All that could be avoided. If it were on land consider the outrage? Out of sight, out of mind.

    People who do not agree are left silent in the wilderness. It is disgusting!

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    • I can hear you. Every single wastes, Toxics and other harmful chemicals from factories are dumped into the rivers and oceans… I really don’t understand, why don’t people use their brains. At the end of the day they are killing their own selves. I just hope with these little efforts we can put some light on to the subject.
      Thank you so much dear for giving a true view about our current surroundings.


      • You and me both, sweetie. It seems the people who do so. Are perhaps, animals in human form? Or something? I expect money is part of the blame. Why pay for it when the sea will cover it up?

        It’s now down to people like Mr. Slat. To pick up the torch and shine light on this problem. For it seems people of my generation have failed? Ships at sea, just heave the garbage over the side. I know of many who feel the way you do. They are just as powerless, in stopping the miserable practice.

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      • Indeed… We are powerless, however, if we think and get united, we can bring the change along with Mr. Slat.
        I too think money is a major cause, however, I want to include peoples ignorance too hear, for doin’ such a shameful act.

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  2. Boddhisatva

    Her heart, while sticking tongue out,
    leads a sheltered life,
    doesn’t drink, nor dance,
    Norfolk, it’s in her dreams.

    Shocked by lack of fidelity,
    still pure, as she has never…
    though the thought comes:
    Now free, pretty and young.

    Brother nudges open eyes,
    Confucian box blown open.
    Evident culture gap,
    yet she jumps his way.

    Cosmic bonding creates a further
    life, tantric self-love springs to
    relaxed life, freedom to be, to
    elongate burdensome boundaries.

    Will she head back to marry,
    deny uncoiling life, to prove
    obedience? Dry flowers yield,
    break mid-air as she walks.

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